Campus Career Innovations

We believe the best solutions for career services come from career services staff.

The Campus Career Innovations Initiative is a unique partnership between the Career Center at Colorado State University and CSU Ventures. The Career Center is continually developing easy-to-use technology solutions for CSU. In that process, we often find solutions that can be applied to a broader audience. CSU Ventures provides the tech transfer, licensing framework and customer experience to deliver cost-effective apps to the career services field.

Career Tools

Adopted by nearly 20 Colleges and Universities in under a year, Career Tools is quickly making online career resource searching more personal, fast, and relevant for students across the country. A custom database for career-related resources, Career Tools allows you to add and tag any web-based resources or any handouts that you covert to a PDF. Career Tools provides students and staff with peer views, staff picks, and recommendations about the resources in your system.

In addition to their main job/internship site, The CSU Career Center used to have 40-50 online resource scattered around their website that received about 2,500 views a year. Career Tools has allowed them to add 480 online resources for a diverse array of student needs, and saw over 13,500 views in their first year. Join the likes of Michigan State University, Seattle University, Colby College, University of San Diego, University of Miami and many others to grow your career education reach.

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